Tensions Rise: 2020 through 2042

2020 - 2042 :: General state of affairs around the world is poor, with tensions rising between several nations. Wealthy nations begin to colonize other worlds, while everyone else struggles against horrible, infectious diseases.

2031 :: The first recorded outbreak of Neural System Degeneration Syndrome (NSDS) occurs in east Africa. Robots play a key role in containing the disease.

2035 :: The major Asian powers are decimated by a regional war.

2036 :: Oil runs dry in the Middle East. Power shifts to the west as the Occidental nations develop alternative fuels and drill new oil fields in the Amazon.

2037 :: The United Nations is disbanded and all of North and South America are united under one banner.

2042 :: Space stations on the moon and in orbit become operational.

The World Divides: 2046 through 2073

2046 :: The world slowly divides into two major superpowers, the Western Alliance and the Euro-Asian Pact. Backlash against advanced technologies begins on a large scale.

2047 :: Avatar, the first true self-aware AI escapes its creators and emerges onto the Internet.
Avatar Part I: Prophet

2052 :: A covert attack on the E.A.P. using nanites causes widespread destruction of genetically engineered crops in Australia.

2055 :: Restrictions on new technologies prompt corporations to build secret R & D facilities around the globe.

2056 - 2073 :: The East and West struggle in a cold war among rumors of secret societies operating behind the scenes.

2057 :: Terrorists cause a nuclear reactor meltdown in Barcelona.

War Erupts: 2073 through 2079

2073 :: Tensions between the global alliances boil over, and World War Three begins around the globe. It costs trillions of dollars and results in over 4.6 billion deaths.

2077 - 2079 :: London is besieged for 18 months.

The Commonwealth Prevails: 2079 through 2115

2079 :: The Commonwealth of Allied States is formed to end the war and unite the world under one government.
Avatar Part II: Savior

2080 :: Construction begins on Commonwealth Prime, which will become the world's capital and the largest city in human history.

2085 :: To avoid Commonwealth annexation, Antarctica becomes the Hemera Australis Corporation.

2088 :: Avatar is elected to office through Idea-Based Campaigning.

2089 - 2090 :: The Gateway disaster causes public distrust of AI, and Avatar is forced to resign.
Avatar Part III: Martyr