What Makes Assault Unique?

Whether it's leaping out of the dropship, charging into enemy territory, or facing off against a towering security robot, the assault agent goes first,. Thick armor makes the assault perfect for front line duty and, when combined with a variety of personal shields, makes these resilient combat specialists tough to bring down even the most focused fire from multiple opponents. When the team needs someone to push through enemy defenses and take an objective under constant resistance, the assault gets the job done.

Don't be fooled, though; they're not just lumbering barricades brought along to provide cover for everyone else. The same advanced mechanics that keeps them mobile in their enormous armor also allows them to carry the most powerful weapons. Between variable payload rockets, rotary artillery launchers and a variety of grenades, and chainguns the size of motorcycles, assault agents have the means to clear entire rooms and survive anything that gets thrown back in their direction. Subtlety is a foreign concept to them.

This trend continues when the assault agent charges into melee. Their weapon of choice can only be described as a futuristic battle axe with a blade comprised of searing-hot plasma. Able to cleave through robots and humans with equal ease, this fearsome weapon is almost as useful for intimidation as it is for raw killing power. And if all of that isn't bad enough, the assault melee can also set targets aflame when used against weaker back armor and sensitive equipment. Between the assault agent's mighty axe and incredible defenses, you don't want to be anywhere nearby when one decides it's time for a close-quarters brawl.

Role on the Team

Unlike the other classes, the assault agent's job doesn't change at all during player versus player missions The assault must still forge ahead, blast through enemy defenses, and capture objectives. For defensive missions, the assault's duty is to keep the current objective clear, covering doors with adhesive grenades, pushing attackers back with direct fire, and pouring enough explosives onto the objective to reduce it to a smoldering crater if the enemy team gets anywhere near it.

Who Should Play Assault?

If you enjoy laughing in the face of overwhelming forces, eagerly look forward to situations where you and your team are vastly outnumbered, and love it when your screen is completely filled with explosions, assault is probably for you. Your job is to lead the way for the rest of your team, soak up as much damage as possible, and set everything in front of you on fire, preferably while blowing it all into tiny pieces. Not many agents can survive for very long under direct fire, but you relish the opportunity to stand in the middle of an objective and scoff at their feeble attempts to dislodge you.